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  • ► Premium Business Share Draft/Checking:

    Premium Business Share Draft/Checking:

    Premium Business Share Draft/Checking:

    A Business share draft account is a checking account that may be established by sole proprietorships, partners, corporations, civic clubs, and organizations.

    * Minimum balance required to open – $5.00
    * Same day credit on deposits
    * No per check charge or analysis fee
    * Free official checks and cashier checks
    * Free Online Banking and E-Statements
    * Free I-Pay
    * Avoid the Monthly Service Fee by keeping a Minimum Daily Balance of $10,000.00

  • ► Small Business Share Draft/Checking:

    Small Business Share Draft/Checking

    Small Business Share Draft/Checking:

    A Small Business share draft is designed to benefit small entrepreneurs and civic clubs. Account limits allow for a lower monthly service fee.

    * Avoid the Monthly Service Fee by keeping a Minimum Daily Balance of $500.00
    * Up to 2 deposits per week (Direct Deposits are not limited)
    * Write/Clear up to 10 checks per month
    * Visa Debit Card that earns Reward! Points
    * Free I-Pay, Home Banking, and Telephone Teller

  • ► Not for Profit Share Draft:

    Not for Profit

    Not for Profit Share Draft:

    Not for Profit share draft accounts may be established by churches, clubs, and civic organizations that are not for profit.

    * Minimum Balance required to open – $50.00
    * No Monthly Service Charge.

  • ► Share Draft Accounts:

    Share Draft Accounts

    Share Draft Accounts:

    Share Draft/Checking accounts offer all check writing and debit card privileges with a descriptive monthly statement that is easy to reconcile. Free home banking and online statements, along with free I-Pay. This account can be coupled to a Share account, which receives dividends, so transfers can be made automatically from share accounts to cover overdrafts when they are presented.

    * NO FEE Checking (No monthly service charge with Direct Deposit, Payroll deduction, E-Statements or by maintaining a balance of $1,000.00 or more.)
    * FREE Visa Debit Cards
    * FREE Mobile Banking
    * Free I-Pay and Home Banking
    * First Box of CFCU checks FREE
    * No per check charge
    * Minimum deposit required to open – $5.00
    * Worry-Free Checking available with Courtesy Pay, and/or Overdraft Protection (after 90 days)

    Visa Debit Card:

    Any member who has a regular share draft account can take advantage of the convenience of a Visa Debit Card and earn Rewards! Points.

    * Purchase groceries, clothing, gas, ect.
    * Receive cash from any ATM:
    no service charge if you use CUHere, Money Pass, CO-OP Networks
    * Purchase dinner on the town
    * Make purchases and pay bills online
    * Reserve your hotel accommodations
    * Reserve airline tickets
    * and much more without the hassle of check writing

    credit cards

    You may access your share draft accounts to purchase goods, pay for services, get cash from merchants and ATMs anywhere Visa is accepted.

  • ► Mega Money Share Draft:

    Mega Money Share Draft

    Mega Money Share Draft:

    Exclusively for our members

    Feel like your checking account isn’t earning you a just dividend and savings account don’t allow you enough freedom to do with your money as you please? Our higher yield Mega Money checking account offers all the benefits of a regular checking account, plus great dividends.

    • Membership is required
    • $0.00 to open
    • Dividends earned on a minimum daily balance of $5,000.00
    • Monthly service fee if daily balance is under $2,500.00
    • Unlimited check processing