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Routing Number 263179914

Fee Schedule

Fee Description Charge
NSF Fee $35.00
Courtesy Pay $35.00
Dormant Account $5.00 per month
Christmas Club Early Closure $10.00 plus all earned interest
Kids Club Withdrawal Prior to Age 16 $10.00 plus 6 months’ earned interest
Super Cash Below Minimum Balance $25.00
Super Cash Excessive Withdrawals/Transfers $10.00 per Transaction
ATM Deposit with Empty Envelope $30.00
Money Orders $1.00
Cashier’s Checks $2.00
Teller’s Checks $1.00 (No fee with a Share Draft Account)
VISA Gift Cards $3.50
Outgoing Wire (Domestic) $25.00
Outgoing Wire (International) $35.00
Wire Incoming $5.00
Phone Inquiry $FREE$
Phone Transfers $FREE$
Account History $5.00
Account Research $50.00 per hour
Check Copies (printed in office) $3.00 per check
Check Copies (printed from Home Banking) $FREE$
Copy Services $0.50 per page
Faxes $2.00 per page
Stop Payment $35.00
Visa Debit Card Replacement $5.00
VISA Debit Cards Overnight Fee $35.00
Safe Deposit 3x5 $30.00 per year
Safe Deposit 3x10 $45.00 per year
Safe Deposit 5x10 $55.00 per year
Safe Deposit 10x10 $100.00 per year
Safe Deposit Renewal Late Fee $20.00
Safe Deposit Box Abandoned $35.00
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $150.00
New Membership Fee $10.00
New Kids Club Membership Fee $5.00
Share Draft Service (Checking Account) $10.00 per month*
Small Business Checking $10.00 per month**
Business Checking $50.00 per month***
Closed Accounts $25.00 (Account closes within 90 days)
Counter (Temporary) Checks $2.00 (4 per page)
I-Pay (Bill Pay Service) $FREE$
E-Statement $FREE$
Real Estate Loan Late Fee $35.00 or 5% of payment (Whichever is greater)
Consumer Loan Late Fee $25.00
Return Items $15.00
Return Items for Business $15.00
Levy/Garnishments $100.00
Notary Service $FREE$
Non-Member Notary Service $5.00
Coin Counting (Loose) 5% of total unrolled coins counted
Real Estate Credit Report $50.00
Real Estate Loan Application $100.00
Sign Advertisement (Personal) $25.00 per week
Sign Advertisement (Business) $50.00 per week
Bad Address $5.00 per month
*No monthly fee charged with a maintained minimum monthly balance of $10,000.00, or if you have E-Statements or Direct Deposit.
**No fee with a maintained minimum monthly balance of $500.00
***No fee with maintained minimum monthly balance of $10,000.00

Fee schedule effective as of 02/01/2010 unless otherwise posted.