Country FCU tagline
Country FCU tagline
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Integrity – Country Financial upholds uncompromising integrity by demonstrating honest, ethical behavior in all transactions, communicating openly, and building relationships based on trust, respect and caring.

Service Excellence – We seek out better ways to meet our member’s needs. We know the significance of service excellence and inspire each other to excel in this area. It is only by serving our members well do we justify our existence as a credit union and we should never under estimate our competition or take for granted a single individual.

Empowerment - Country Financial is committed to empowering our members and communities through financial education, enabling people to see themselves as decision makers, knowledgeable of their options, and capable of pursuing their desired outcomes as well as financial security.

Community – Country Financial believes in making a positive impact in our communities; we are devoted to serving, developing relationships and enriching lives.

Accountability – We take responsibility, individually and in teams – for our behaviors, actions, decisions and results.